Infinite Erie coordinates inclusive growth strategies to deliver transformative change.

By coordinating inclusive growth strategies to deliver transformative change, Infinite Erie will implement Erie’s Investment Playbook by positioning Erie to attract & secure more public and private sector funding than like-size regions.

Infinite Erie: Areas of Practice

Infinite Erie supports Inclusive Growth Strategies at every stage of the Project Pipeline with the following areas of Practice:

Discovery and Problem Solving

Project & Development

Securing Investments


Convene Practitioners and Subject Matter Experts to Develop Strategies of Excellence to Solve Complex Problems


Inventory and Evaluate Projects for Investment Readiness and Impact Alignment

Provide Project Development Technical Assistance to Project Sponsors to move projects toward investment Readiness

"Community Accelerator Model"

Provide Project Sponsors with Recommendations of Potential Funding Opportunities


Advocate on behalf of projects.

Celebrate the Success of the Project Sponsor


Evaluate and Measure the Impact of the Project

An Investment Playbook Organizes Erie For Success

*Does not include investments which costs still need to be determined as a result, the true total is likely higher.