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Infinite Erie Awarded $1.082 million Federal ARC POWER Grant Funding

Investment advances transformational projects across Erie County

Infinite Erie was awarded an $1,082,000 federal Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) POWER (Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization) Initiative grant, the largest award in Erie County. Read More


Three Playbook Initiatives Gain Momentum, New Investments

Work Begins Efforts to Revitalize Erie's Eastside Community and Preserve Affordable Housing

Infinite Erie, formed and funded by Erie Insurance, The Erie Community Foundation, and ECGRA, marked significant progress on three investment ready projects outlined in Erie's Investment Playbook. Read More



Infinite Erie Expands Leadership Team

Delivery Teams Assigned to Cross-Sectors, Projects

Infinite Erie, formed and funded by Erie Insurance, Erie Community Foundation, and ECGRA, announced new membership to the Erie Action Team and introduces the Delivery Teams charged with managing implementation across focused Playbook priorities. Read More



Infinite Erie to Implement Investment Playbook

The Erie Action Team Presents Infinite Erie Brand, Vision, and Next Steps

The Erie Action Team, acting as the steering committee for the Investment Playbook, unveiled the Infinite Erie brand and vision at a press conference today. Infinite Erie is responsible for implementing Erie’s Investment Playbook by positioning Erie to attract and secure more public and private sector funding than like-size regions. Read More

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