Erie has a tremendous opportunity before it.

The unprecedented influx of federal funds has created an opportunity for cities and counties to make transformational investments that can secure long-term, sustainable, and equitable growth. However, federal funding is highly fragmented, arriving through hundreds of programs from different federal agencies all of which have varying application and reporting requirements. 

To make the most of this opportunity, Erie has created a new tool, the Investment Playbook, to identify prioritize and organize its efforts. The Investment Playbook is a set of tangible and transformational projects that require cross-sector collaboration, are near-ready for investment, and contribute to equitable and sustainable economic growth. 

In total, the Investment Playbook prioritizes 35 transformational investments

How the Playbook Affects the Region

Cross cutting investments are county wide Erie cannot be successful unless the entire region succeeds. 
As a result, significant investment in infrastructure, entrepreneurship, and economic clusters are being made across the County.

Investments in the Greater Core have broad effects in some cases (for example, because of existing economic activity or the placement of the waterfront).
Further investment in those areas can be captured and broadened through equitable mechanisms (e.g., new homeownership programs, community equity districts).

The Playbook is connected to regional efforts The entities working to implement the Playbook are connected to county and regional efforts, ensuring county and regional stakeholders realize similar benefits.

Investments can be added to broaden impact The Investment Playbook is a living document. Its current contents will shift as other investments are prioritized and completed.
If there is sufficient interest in other investments, they can be added to this Playbook.

Investment Playbooks focus on specific
types of investments

Criteria for Investments

Contribute to equitable, sustainable economic growth.
Investments in the Playbook are focused on improving the long-term prospects of a neighborhood, city, or region in a way that ensures that all residents can equitably benefit from that growth. The investments complement one another to create outsized effects.

Are (near) investment-ready.
Projects are meant to be practical and implementable on an accelerated timeline.

Require considerable innovation, complex design, or cross-sector coordination.
Projects cannot easily be executed through the routine procedures by individual organizations.

The Investment Playbook does not include all of the projects and investments being undertaken in a given geography