Neighborhoods and Main Streets

The goal of the Neighborhood and Main Streets portfolio is to provide increased access to safe, affordable housing and neighborhoods using a multi-faceted approach to transforming the system of affordable housing production and commercial corridor regeneration throughout Erie County. Through the projects included in the Infinite Erie pipeline, Erie’s neighborhoods will see:

  • the development of new affordable and market rate housing units via community-led new construction as well as the repair and remediation of existing properties;
  • transformative main street placemaking and commercial revitalization;
  • programs which strive to train students in high impact trades so that they can both live and work in Erie’s neighborhoods.

The impact that the Neighborhood and Main Streets portfolio aims to achieve can be framed by more than just the completion of the pipeline projects below, but rather by the overarching community outcomes which we aim to collectively ‘move the needle’ on, including:

  • raising the rate of owner-occupied housing;
  • increasing overall residential property conditions;
  • supporting access to healthy and affordable foods;
  • addressing & reducing chronic homelessness.

We invite you to explore the Neighborhoods and Main Streets Portfolio Overview below, which reports on the cohort of active projects in the pipeline, current funding estimates, and how some of Erie’s community outcomes are trending since Infinite Erie began their efforts – as well as individual project summaries.

If you would like to see how the Neighborhoods and Main Streets portfolio fits into the overall framework of Infinite Erie and its commitment to the Tenants of Inclusive Growth, we invite you to explore our Portfolios Overview page.