Infinite Erie is powered by the Erie Action Team, comprised of the organizations and people responsible for crafting Erie’s Investment Playbook.

The Erie Action Team is responsible for ensuring ongoing collaboration between ensures ongoing collaboration between the public, private, and civic leaders.

Within the Erie Action Team are various Delivery Teams that work closely to dig deeper and explore the projects that require additional planning and research to ensure success.

The Playbook — driven by the Erie Action Team and you — will affect Erie County in four ways.

Cross-cutting investments are county-wide.
Erie cannot be successful unless the entire region succeeds. As a result, significant investment in infrastructure, entrepreneurship, and economic clusters are being made across the County.

Investments in the core have broad effects.
In some cases, investments in Erie’s Greater Core provide the most “bang for the buck,” because of existing economic activity or the placement of the waterfront.

Further investment in those areas can be captured and broadened through equitable mechanisms — like new homeownership programs and community equity districts.

The Playbook is connected to regional efforts.
The members of the Erie Action Team are connected to county- and regional efforts, ensuring county and regional stakeholders realize similar benefits.

Investments can be added to broaden impact.
The Investment Playbook is a living document. Its current contents will shift as other investments are prioritized and completed.

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